Little Men & Legos

I brought home a Lego Robotics kit from school over spring break to try to write some lessons for next year for school.  My sweetest little nephew was at my mother-in-law’s house so I figured it would be fun to play with him and see what he thought about it.  We had so much fun and he wanted to build every single robot!  I told him that Auntie Court was going to have to come back another day, because I was all lego-ed out. :0)  I think he could have used his imagination and built for hours.  We ended up completing a robotic airplane and a robotic soccer kicker that kicked balls of paper across the room.  We had so much fun!  It’s these little moments in time that should be treasured and never forgotten!  ** PS – He looks super cute in his jersey, but the colors are ALL wrong!  Meme said she bought a red and black one too and will make sure he is wearing the right one next time. :0)


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