A Whole Month of Posts

There are a few reasons why I have really gotten back into blogging.  Come back on Monday to see my post about “Why I Blog”.  I just wanted to share with you how proud I am that Joe and I have managed to have a whole month without missing a single day of posting to our blog!  We are really looking forward to working on a lot of projects around our little house this summer and hopefully we can keep our momentum going, keep you interested, and maybe even get you to share our blog with some of your friends.  We really appreciate all of you that stop by to see what we are up to (and especially those of you that leave comments :0)!!  Remember that you can subscribe to our blog through a reader (which is how I keep up with all of my favorite blogs) or even through your e-mail so you can get new posts e-mailed right to your inbox.  Just check out the options to the right!  Thanks again for all your support!!
Blog Signature

PS – when I look at my stats on my blogger dashboard I can tell that posting for a month straight has really helped the traffic to my blog…Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting!


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