Your Opinion Please – New Rug

So apparently little Miss Harley decided to “show out” while we were gone on vacation.  When we returned home, this is what we found (well actually the house sitter had already let us know about it, we just didn’t know how much damage had been done).

 rug 1

I am trying to look on the bright side….I was really wanting a new rug for our living room and now I have a good reason to buy one.  There are a couple of reasons I was on the hunt for a new rug: 

1) There is NO color in our living room (see below…it’s all B-R-O-W-N)! and 2) although this rug has served us well, it was a hand-me-down and doesn’t really reflect our style.

rug 2

See?!  You almost can’t even see Willow because her brownness blends right in. :0)

rug 3 rug 4

So now because Miss Harley made it so we NEED to purchase a new rug, we can’t seem to agree on what to get.

Should we go with something more traditional?
image image

Should we stick with an indoor/outdoor rug?  That’s what we have now and it is so easy to clean up.
image image

Should we be adventurous and add some color?
image image

Should we add some texture?
image image

Maybe we should add some softness??
image image

Or maybe we should go with trendy?
image image

This is such a difficult decision!!  All the rugs above are actual options for us, that Joe and I are considering.  What are your thoughts??  We would love to hear your opinions!


2 thoughts on “Your Opinion Please – New Rug

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have always loved color so I would say trendy in the green color you like that I have seen in the rest of the house or I love the orange under trendy and color sections. – Hayli

  2. Stephanie Vivian says:

    with the browns you do have in your home, go red, red carpet and red throw pillows with different patterns, or you could even do red rug, with red and yellow accented pillows. Accessories will livin up this room, pictures of different sizes, can even be artwork you do, leaf prints in fall colors? yellows, reds oranges all go with the brown 🙂 food for thought

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