Are You Ready for Some Football?!?!?

It doesn’t get any better than this!  The University of Georgia Bulldogs are playing “between the hedges” on this beautiful afternoon and I am doing the only thing better than being at the game….watching it on the big screen in the air conditioner with my family!  The girls are even dressed up and ready to “Woof! Woof!” for the Dawgs today!

UGA porch

So in case you can’t tell, we are major Dawg fans in this house and finally this is the month I have been waiting for to decorate the front porch!!  For once our red Cracker Barrel UGA rockers fit in with the theme!! 

UGA porch 6 UGA porch 7

Of course I swapped out the pillow covers with two of our favorite quotes:

“There is no place in the world we would rather be than ‘between the hedges’ on a Saturday afternoon.”

UGA porch 2

And, “As for me and my house, we yell Go DAWGS!”

UGA porch 4

I tried something new by creating this subway art for the small table out of the leftover shelving from the pantry make-over.

UGA porch 3

And finally, of course we switched out our wreath for a more UGA appropriate one. :0)

UGA porch 8

I plan on enjoying this UGA themed porch….right after the Dawgs win the game against Buffalo today! :0)

UGA porch 5


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