Homemade Holidays ~ Tree Week

Welcome Back!  I am so glad to be back with the blogging world, and even more excited to be trying out the feel of our new home here on WordPress. 


I am also beyond excited to start sharing with you all the fun projects we have been working on to get ready for my favorite time of the year!  This week I am going to share all the pretty little things we have been making for the beautiful Christmas tree we have up this year, but today I want to start by sharing these sweet mini-trees that are so easy to make!

A few weeks ago, I took a quick trip to the local Goodwill store.  I picked up 2 sweaters in the colors that I wanted and one children’s book (more on that later).  I already had these two Styrofoam cones hanging out on my craft shelf, so I put them to work.


I cut off the sleeve of the sweater and slid it over the cone.  Using straight pins, I pinned the sleeve right to the edge all the way around the bottom of the cone.


Then I trimmed the excess off the top (and a little from the sides as the cone narrowed) and use straight pins to pin all the edges to the cone.  Because I used a thick sweater the straight pins are not even visible.



I absolutely loved the hombre effect of the sweater I used for the larger cone!  These final look is so warm and soft, and fits perfectly with my theme this year!


I promise I didn’t waste the rest of the sweater!  Stay tuned for the rest of the week to see how I used the remaining pieces of the sweaters.


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