Sweater Ornaments

Yesterday I shared with you my sweet little sweater trees made from Styrofoam cones and Goodwill sweaters.  Today I will show you how I used the left over scraps of the sweaters to make the sweetest ornaments for our tree.



Aren’t they just so soft and cozy!?  Below are the steps for how you can make your own sweater ornaments.  Stop by the Goodwill, use an old White Elephant gift, or take those sweaters your children have outgrown and make beautiful ornaments for your tree too!

1.  Cut a large square of our of the sweater, large enough to stretch all the way around the Styrofoam ball.


2.  Cut a length of ribbon between 4 and 6 inches long, fold the ribbon in half, and pin to the top of the ball.


3.  Starting at the top right next to the ribbon, use straight pins to pin down one side of the sweater right next to the hanging ribbon.


4.  Stretch the fabric to the center of the ball on the bottom and pin it in to secure it.


5.  Pull in both sides to meet in the middle and pin them down with 4 – 5 pins per side.


6.  Take the slack near the hanging ribbon and use a few more pins to pin the fabric tightly around the ribbon.


7.  Now you will have for corners sticking out, trim them off (close to the ball), and then pin all the loose edges together to cover the ball.


You’re finished!  It really only takes a couple of minutes to make one ornament once you get the hang of it.  One sweater makes between 8 and 12 ornaments depending on the size of the sweater and the size of the Styrofoam ornaments you choose.


I just love these ornaments so much!  They were tailored to match my colors this year, they were easy to make, and they add a light, soft touch to my tree!



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