Felt Rosette Ornaments

Over the summer, I was already on the hunt for some ideas of what I would make to put on my tree this year.  I continued to see wreaths made with these felt circles and I thought they were all so beautiful.  I decided to try this beautiful technique on my ornaments, and let me tell ya….I am so pleased with how they turned out!  They are my favorite ornament this year!


These weren’t that hard to make, but they were a little time consuming.  I ended up cutting out hundreds of felt circles on the 8 hour ride to visit my family over Thanksgiving.  I think the finger cramps paid off!

1.  Cut out felt circles that are about 1 – 1.5 inch in diameter.   I used large Styrofoam balls for this ornament and it took about 100 – 125 felt circles for each ornament.


2.  I used jute rope as my hanging loop.  Cut a loop of rope, ribbon, yarn, or string that is about 6 inches long, fold it in half, and pin it to the top of your ball.


3.  Start pinning!  Now you will fold up your felt circles into fourths and then pin them to the ball.  I always start next to the hanging loop to help secure it.


4.  Continue pinning all the way around the ball until all the Styrofoam is covered.


I ended up only making a set of 6 of these ornaments since they turned out fairly large, but they are the main decoration of our tree this year.  They are so soft and classy looking!



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