Tree Week ~ Jute Ornaments

So far this week I have been so excited to share my Sweater Ornaments, Felt Rosette Ornaments, and Musical Ornaments with you.  Today I am going to share the easiest ornament of all – Jute Ornaments.


I made these ornaments because I needed a little bit of a darker color to contrast all the lightness on the tree, and because I needed some easy, cheap, filler ornaments. 

1.  Gather your two simple supplies:  Jute and Glass Ornaments


2.  Fill the ornament with the Jute – just until it looks good to you.


3.  Cut off the Jute and put the top of the ornament back on.


I told you it was easy!!! Even though I made these as a filler ornament, and they were so simple, I actually love how they look on the tree and they compliment the other ornaments so well.



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