Please Excuse this Interruption for an Important Announcement

I know it is tree week, but I had to share with you this awesome site I stumbled across today!  If you are in the mood to try adding some new Christmas Music to your collection, then this FREE site is perfect for you!

I am telling you, you will love this site.  These are more indie type artists, but you can search by genre to try out some new stuff.  I was hanging Christmas lights and was looking for some music to get me in the decorating spirit.  I typed “Christmas” into the search box and came up with some great stuff!  You can preview the songs before you download them, then all you have to do is type in your e-mail and your zip code.  Within seconds I had a download code in my inbox!  Now I am rockin’ some new holiday tunes for free!

Here are a few of the holiday albums that loved and snatched up:

    image  image

image  image


If you head over, please come back and let me know what awesome stuff you found!!

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