My Christmas Mantle

I am so in love with my Christmas Mantle this year.  We added a few things this year that really make the whole thing come together.  I will start by giving you the overall “stocking” look.


I am so excited about my stocking and Santa Sacks this year!  I handmade them all and I am super proud about it.  I already showed you how to make these beautiful Painter’s Dropcloth Stockings, and I promise I will soon be showing you how to make the gorgeous Santa Sacks (they are super easy!).

But when you look up, above the stockings, you see my real gem…the new Christmas Quote Sign.  Isn’t it perfect!?

IMG_4651 copy

This was super easy to make.  I just stained some rough-cut pine boards (which hubs had pre-cut and put together for me) and then used a stencil to paint on the quote.  We made it the same size as the painting we normally have hanging in this place, so we could use the same hooks that were already there.

Some other simple additions to my mantle are little crafts that I put together last year.  I love my old, rusty bed springs!  I picked these up for a couple of bucks at the antique store and just added some simple white candles.


Finally, I love the personal touch of the photo candle holders.  Again, so simple to make!  Stay tuned next week to see how to make them.


The left side is a 100 year old oil lamp that belonged to my grandmother and the family photo candle that we took at Thanksgiving last year.  On the right is a photo candle of myself and hubs at Christmas when we were little.  Isn’t my hubs just a doll!?

IMG_4669 copy  IMG_4672 copy

I am so in love with my mantle this year and I know I will be sad to take it down in January!



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