This Year’s 2Teachers2Dogs Christmas Card & Simple Card Holder


We love our super simple card holder!  Hubs built a simple frame, I stained it, then we put ribbon stretched from side to side and stapled to the back. 


I added a handful of paper clips for hanging the cards.  It is hung with 3M strips, so we can put it wherever we want for the season and not leave holes in the wall all year!

Speaking of card holders….I was super excited about our Christmas Cards this year!  I was able to get all my cards for absolutely FREE (I didn’t even pay shipping!).  I got super lucky with a one-day coupon code for  I will say that even though I got these 40 cards for FREE, I was so pleased with them that I will definitely use Cardstore again next year, even if I don’t get a great FREE code. Smile

Cardstore has so many awesome designs, but here are the photos and designs that we finally decided on this year. * The first one is my absolute favorite! *

card 1Card 2card 3card 4

We had fun with our 2Dog photo shoot.  It is super hard getting two young pups, full of energy, to sit pretty for the camera (especially when there are other people around to chase and kiss!).  Here are some outtakes from our family photo shoot this year.  Enjoy!

Joe & Courtney 025

“Oh look mommy – there are kids on the playground” Too many distractions, move to a new location.

Joe & Courtney 031

“Please don’t make me sit on this rock…it is soooo scary!” said Harley.

Joe & Courtney 040

“Willow!  PLEASE STOP KISSING ME!!!”  “Sorry Mommy, I can’t help it.”

Joe & Courtney 052

“ Look, people walking!” said Harley.  “ Look, a squirrel!” said Willow.

Joe & Courtney 056

Oh no – the photographer dropped her “attention getter” into the creek.  No fear, Willow is here!

Joe & Courtney 058

Harley pulling Mommy!

Joe & Courtney 127

Willow pulling Mommy!

Joe & Courtney 080

Oh no – a yapping little dog…let’s get it!

Joe & Courtney 082

“Harley, please get up on this bridge!”  “No mommy – it is scary!”

Joe & Courtney 140

Daddy gets control in the end!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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