Simple Centerpiece & Shabby Chic Table Runner

I will preface with the fact that I am in love with my dining room table!  Hubs and I spent a LONG time hunting down our perfect table when we moved in and we finally came across this beauty!  It is a taller height than most tables and it has an extra sleeve built right into the table (I remember all the Christmases that my parents were hunting down the sleeve of their dining room table and trying to remember where they stored it last year).  Now, even though I love this table, it has a LOT of surface space, which makes centerpieces and table runners hard to find.


I saw a box similar to this online and thought it would be perfect for our long table!  Hubs put together a simple box that we custom measured to fit on our table, and I stained it.  I have used this box for two different purposes already (stay tuned in January to see the other use) and because it is so simple, I could just change out the insides for each season.


For Christmas, we added some simple white candles and some cheap ornaments I picked up at Walmart.  I love the look at night when the candles are lit up.


For a my table runner, I will give you one guess to figure out what material and method I used…yep, painter’s drop cloth and the projector/sharpie method.  I sewed a simple hem around the edge before I projected my design on both ends and traced them with a gold sharpie. 

IMG_4750 IMG_4754

I am kind of in love with this simple look, and I am really looking forward to filling the table up with food and family in a few short days!


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