Handmade Gift Tags

This year I chose to muted color palette for Christmas decorating.  I wrapped all my presents in brown packing paper this year, and I just couldn’t find any gift tags that I liked.  So when you can’t find it, you make it!  I started by picking up a packet of Avery Eco-Friendly White Shipping Labels (48165).  These are full-sheet labels and perfect for the job at hand.


I typed out my gift tag to’s and from’s and printed them on a regular sheet of paper to test out the size and spacing before printing it on the label paper (that label paper is too expensive to waste!).  Once I was sure it was perfect, I printed my labels and then used a punch I already had to punch out the individual labels.


I had to do some of them regular and some at an angle to fit in all the words.


Then I used a gold sharpie to draw a simple border around the label before peeling off the backing and adhering them to my gifts.


I think they turned out just PERFECT and go wonderfully with my overall look.  Plus each one is personal.  In our family we do 4 gifts for each person (something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read) so I could type their “something…” on each tag.  Love them!



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