I have missed you!

I have missed all of you blogging friends!  I must say that my sweet little family has been so busy working on our New Year’s Resolutions and we are finally ready to start sharing all of our progress with you!

Of course we have major plans for our home sweet home in 2013, but today we want to share our personal resolutions with you.

#1 – Spend more time outdoors.


(Harley’s first visit to Dick’s Creek Falls ~ January 27th)

#2 – Move every day!


I have been consistent with walking everyday! (Well, almost Smile) And I have an awesome group of supports which I will share with you tomorrow.

#3 – Run a 5K by March.  By getting out there everyday, I am really working towards getting healthy, but also reaching goal 3.


I am so excited about my 5K Race goal.  I can’t wait to support the SPCA for rescue animals, and I am especially excited about running it with Harley (my awesome rescue pup!)

#4 – And finally, the resolution that explains where I have been the whole month of January….


I can’t get moving and get healthy if I am sitting on my tush watchin’ TV or blogging Winking smile 24/7.  For those of you that don’t know, my full-time job is a Technology Instructional Coach at an elementary school, so I spend the majority of my days in front of a computer screen either teaching or researching how to incorporate technology into the classroom.  I also have a part time job, working with a dear friend, as a virtual assistant.  This means posting and updated her business blog, and promoting her blog through social networking.  So right there I am in front of a screen a LOT.  Then I choose to keep a blog of my own (which I love doing). 

I have heard from some of you that you miss following our little family adventures via the blog, so I promise I will still continue to add content, but I won’t force myself to keep a schedule.  If I have something to post, I will post it….if the weather is nice, you won’t get a post from me….I will be outside running! Smile

Thank you all for following our blog and we are so happy to be back!  I know we have some super fun plans for the house, some yummy new recipes, and some fun stuff going on with the 2pups in the very near future.  So keep in touch, keep following, keep reading!

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