Big Plans for 2013

So I am here today to give you a run-down of our big plans for 2013!

#1 – Top of the List – Kitchen Overhaul


Don’t get me wrong, I love my kitchen, but there are a LOT of things about this kitchen that drive me nutzo! I have BIG plans for the the kitchen this year:

Kitchen Overhaul To-Do List:

1.  Do something about the bland countertops.

2.  Repaint the cabinets.

3.  New oven is a must-have!

4.  Tile backsplash will help the horrible grease stains on the cheap builder paint.

5.  Possibly try an open-cabinet area and begin a collection of awesome dishes to display!

#2 – Builder-grade needs an Upgrade!

Our guest bathroom needs an upgrade big time…it is sooo boring!   We aren’t 100% decided on what to do yet, but definitely a new cabinet, new sink, new hardware, and new lighting!


#3 – A Brand New Paint Job.

The back bedroom needs a fresh coat of paint (you see we have already tried out some colors) and we need to get these paintings hung up!  Hopefully we can have someone living in this room sooner, rather than later!


#4 – Surprise Project

Hubs and I have some awesome plans for this mess in the hallway.  This linen closet has become a catch-all and we want to change that permanently!


We look forward to keeping you updated on all our projects, big and small, through 2013!


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