Should We Try It??

So yesterday I was telling you about how I want to make some major changes to my sweet little kitchen.  One major change I would like to make would be brand spankin’ new countertops.  Of course I would love to have someone come in and install granite, but on our two-teacher budget, that is way in our future. 

So while we start the “new granite savings plan” I saw a post on a blog I follow about painting your counter tops to look like granite….sounds sketchy, I know.



This blog I follow regularly and she seemed to really enjoy the product she used.  She said the kit was super easy, and her before and after pictures got me thinking….”Hey, maybe we could do that??” Just for a updated look without the heavy price tag (while we wait to for the savings bucket to fill up).

So I started doing a little research and here are the points that I liked:

  • It would only cost $68 to do this method to all my counters, with EVERYTHING included in the kit!
  • They send me a practice board to try out the painting technique before actually painting my counters.
  • There are detailed how-to videos included on the website.
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from (I am kind of in love with the Chocolate Brown)



So what do you think??  Should we try it?  Would it be worth it?  Would it make me happy until I could save for the real thing???


One thought on “Should We Try It??

  1. gerri says:

    My only concern would be food prep on this counter top. You need to be absolutely sure that the bacteria doesn’t seep into the counter tops as granite does. It needs to be sealed and resealed repeatedly.
    I have a low immune system and chose Quartz counter tops over granite due to the absorption differences between the two products.
    Young children and older people would also be affected by a build up of this bacteria.
    If after researching this property of the counter tops it is ok, then go for it…It looks like a pretty counter top.
    Hope this information helps in your decision.

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