Sticking with it!

Yes – it is the end of January and I am still on track with my New Year’s Resolutions.  When most people are giving up on their goals, I am just now getting in the groove.  So how am I doing it?? 

I have surrounded myself with an amazing support system.  I have called old friends, had a serious talk with Hubs, and got a few cool technology toys too!

1. Hubs – My #1 support, without at doubt, is the handsome man that I share my life with.  Hubs has always had the “You go ahead and try that….I don’t need that” kind of attitude when I try to make a lifestyle change.  This time I knew I wanted it to stick and be different.  I sat down and had a heart-to-heart with Hubs and told him how much his support means to me.  He responded in his usual amazingly quiet way.  He walks with me no matter what time of day I ask him.  He has tried every “lightened-up” meal without complaining.  He supported me buying new running shoes.  And best of all, he makes a special effort to compliment me and my accomplishments, no matter how small they are.  He is my soul-mate, my best friend, and the love of my life…and I couldn’t do this without him.


2. Bestie – In a very close second place, is the most amazing friend a girl could ever ask for.  I couldn’t have picked anyone better.  My bestie is there for me when I need to cry and complain about how hard these changes are, she is there to push me and hold me accountable, and she jumps right in and joins me.  We have been walking a few times a week together and that has really been a life saver for me.  Now I am on a secret mission to trick her into doing the SPCA 5K with me in March. Winking smile


3. WW online – On January 1st I joined Weight Watchers online.  I am in no way advocating or saying that Weight Watchers in the best way to go, but I am saying that it is the only thing that works for me.  I love my sweets, my breads, and my pastas.  I love Mexican food and brownies.  I love ice cream and creamy salad dressing.  Weight Watchers lets me have all those things, in moderation.  I never feel like I am going to binge, and I don’t have to cheat because I have a decent amount of points.  Do I wish the pounds would come off faster?  Yes, but I know this way is healthy and it is a lifestyle change I am looking for, not a quick fix.


4. Sweet dogs – Coming home to these two faces makes getting out and taking a walk every evening so much easier.  They think I am the best mommy ever because they get to see all their neighbor friends every night.  I love how they give me the over-the-shoulder look when I start slowing down.  It is like they are saying, “come on Mommy, you can do it….just one more lap.”


5. Endomondo – I downloaded this great App on my new Windows phone and it has been so motivating.  I get to listen to great music while the app tracks my speed, distance, and time.  Every time I finish a walk, I pull up the log on the app and see if I got faster or went further.  I especially love how the chick inside my phone tells me when I have walked each mile and how long it took me.  This motivates me to go a little faster to shave some time off the next lap.  I also love that Endomondo will share my progress on Facebook.  This helps hold me accountable and it is awesome to read the encouragement from all my friends to keep going.

6. Shrinking on a Budget – This is something new that I just added to my support system this week.  This is a weekly plan that is sent to my e-mail inbox each Friday night.  This first week has been awesome.  I got a meal plan that included 2 breakfasts, 2 snacks, 2 lunches, and 7 dinners.  All meals have the directions for how to cook it, the WW points for all components, and there is even a grocery list for me to use to purchase everything I need for the week.  It has been so nice that I can plan out all my points for the whole week so easily!  I do pay (a tiny price, which I feel is more than fair) for this service, and I hope to get permission from the owner to give you more details soon…let me get a few more weeks under my belt.


7. Trying new foods – Finally, I have really been enjoying all the new foods that we have been trying.  We found a new market to go to that has a huge variety of fruits and veggies (for an awesome price!) that we have never had before.  This makes the “diet” actually seem like a fun new adventure for the Hubs and I.


(Thai Bananas, Korean Pears, and Seaweed Chips from the H-Mart)

I truly believe that if I didn’t surround myself with so many supports that I would have given up on my 2013 resolutions by January 5th.  Of course I plan on keeping you all updated on how it’s going!

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