Family Antiques are the Best

Hubs and I love to go on the hunt for beautiful antiques.  We spend many weekends trying to spot that perfect piece to add to our collection.  Even though we have found a few great pieces, I still believe that family antiques are the best!


Two of my favorite pieces are from my Daddy’s parents.  My Grandma recently gave Hubs and I her Aunt’s old oil lamp.  I just think the imperfections on the hand-blown glass make this lamp perfect!  It looks amazingly beautiful up on my mantle. 


My Grandma says she remembers this lamp at her Aunt’s house when she was little, and it was the one thing she wanted/received when her aunt passed away.  That makes this beautiful piece over 75 years old!


My very favorite pieces of all are my Grandpa’s still camera and his slide camera.  He gave these to me personally because he said he, “saw a passion for photography in you, just like I saw in myself.” They are both still in working condition and maybe someday I will take them out and actually take a few shots with them.


These two cameras are my prized possessions!  My Grandpa has since passed away and it was an extremely terrible loss. But, every time I walk into my front door I see his two cameras and I smile. 


I feel so blessed to have been given these precious pieces and I will always cherish them and hopefully pass them down to my children someday.


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