The Next Big Thing

Now that the weather is warming up, and the rain is settling down, Hubs and I are itching to get back into projects (big and small).  I have a couple of super fun projects to share with you very soon, but first I wanted to give you a sneak peek into our next big project.


Do you remember this totally embarrassing picture that I shared with you earlier in the year?  Well, we decided to tackle that project first!  I know you have all been dying to know what we are going to do with this mess of a linen closet!  We could simply dazzle you with our organizing skills, or even just swap the door out with something super unique and awesome, but no…that would be too easy! 

Instead, we are turning our hallway linen closet into a mini wine cellar!!!  Yep, we sure are!  We have talked about spending some time this summer touring all the amazing wineries in the southeast, and what better way to store all the wine we gather on our trips?!

Here are my dream plans for the mini wine cellar, but you will have the wait and see how the Hubs tweeks my dreams to make them a reality.

Wine Closet Plans

We did already go on an antique store hunt for a few special pieces to add to our design, and looky at what awesome pieces we found!


I can’t wait to share our new project with you when it is finished!  Stay tuned!


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