Romance with Romaine

My precious hubby is very very picky.  He will only eat a salad if the base is made with romaine lettuce.  He loves his romaine lettuce. I recently saw something on Pinterest that said you could re-grow romaine lettuce, so I thought…let’s give it a try!

First you cut off the base of the romaine when you are using the head of it for salad.  Place the base in a cup of water.  Cover about half the base with water and keep the top moist for about a week. Make sure you put your romaine base in a sunny place, I put mine in the window sill of the kitchen window.


The next day, we already saw some new growth!  That was really exciting for us!  We left the romaine in the small cup for about a week and kept the top moist by adding a little water to the top each day.


After a week, we had a decent amount of new growth.  At this point we transferred our plant to a pot with soil.  I have kept the soil very moist and the romaine seems pretty happy.  We will keep you updated to see if we actually get a whole head of romaine that we can actually eat!



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