Antique Inspired Handmade Custom Lighting

Hubs and I are so super excited to share this spontaneous project with you.  When I say “spontaneous” I am not even joking!  This past weekend, we were introduced to an amazing antique experience in Monroe, GA.  This 55,000 square foot Cotton Mill (originally built in 1892) has over 400 booths and even the floors make me drool over everything old, rusty, and beautiful!


While we were there, we picked up a couple of little treasures (which I will share with you soon).  We also ohhhed and ahhed over the super cool and unique lighting that was all over the building.  The problem was that a single pendant light costs upwards of $75 – $80+ each.  So as I pouted, Hubs came in with his usual “I can make that!” statements….yeah right, I thought. I should have known better…

On Sunday, we took a little trip to the Home Depot (on a whim – “just to look”) and Hubs came out with a couple lengths of black piping, some fittings, three cheap pendant light kits, and a vision.

On Monday night, Hubs came home from work with the basement lighting over the pool table looking like this (booo builder grade!).


And by bedtime….it looked like this!


OH MY GOSH!!!  I LOVE IT!!! First off, can I just say that I have THE MOST AMAZING and TALENTED Husband in the world!!  He really has so many talents and I am so blessed!

So after you ignore the stupid stickers that I haven’t gotten off yet (I was so excited to share the light that I didn’t get to that yet), don’t you just love it!?

Hubs took the three lighting fixtures, spliced and connected wires, and measured everything to go through the pipe exactly how he wanted.


Then we hung the light fixture, and it was nice and all….but the middle light wouldn’t work….uh oh.


So we took down pieces and re-worked wires.  It started getting a little tricky when the sun went down and we were running out of light….in comes the head-lamp to the rescue!


I spent a lot of time on the pool table holding everything in place…my arms are killing me now, but the final outcome was totally worth it!  We added antique-looking light bulbs and rusty old bed springs to complete the look.





So – what do you think!?  When we priced fixtures like this online, they were upwards of $400….we came out of this project for less than $150!  We think it is the perfect little touch of our style to the basement!  Not bad for a project on the fly!


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