Super Sized Dog Bed

2 big dogs + 1 huge dog bed = 1 happy mommy!  Our sweet puppies have been spending some time on the couches lately….which was something we said we would NEVER do.  But who could say no to these eyes!?


I mean really!  And my chocolate super squishy is just as bad!


So anyways….I had to find a way to get them off the couches and back to the floor.  They love their beds in the bedroom, and have no problem with staying off our bed, because they have their own place to go.  So why not try beds in the living room?  The problem is that large dog beds are so expensive, and the girls always squish together on one bed anyways.  So Hubs and I had an idea…


We grabbed 4 cheap pillows ($2 each) from Wally-world, and laid them out in front of the large window in the living room.  It looks like a perfect size for two pups!


I went into my stash of painter’s drop cloth and cut a pattern to cover the pillows.


Before I sewed everything together, I used my tried and true projector-sharpie method to monogram the dog bed with Willow and Harley’s initials.


I also created my own piping by sewing a length of rope into a wide ribbon.


After monograming, I sewed the piping onto the top piece, sewed on the sides, and the bottom piece, and even added a zipper so I could removed the pillows and wash the cover.


I was really pleased with the final look, but of course it was time to let the real testers give me their opinion.


Little Harley jumped right on it and was so happy to have a comfortable place to lay while she looked out the window.


It took Willow a little longer to give up the begging to get in my lap and finally give the bed a try, but once she tried it she was hooked!  She looks like a commercial for the dog bed!


And there was just enough room for the sweet sisters to enjoy the bed together!  Success! 


But the real boss of the bed is the smallest member of the house.  He thinks he owns the bed and when he is laying on the bed, there are no dogs allowed.   He will give them the nastiest look if they try to join him, and they just lay on the floor.  He is such a cat!


I will say he looks awful sweet laying there!  I am so happy that the new bed is all-pet approved! AND it only cost me the $8 for the pillows!!


4 thoughts on “Super Sized Dog Bed

  1. Carol Rask says:

    Great idea! My only problem is that I have 3 chihuahuas, and they sit on the back of the loveseat so they can see out the windows. My son and friend of mine, both have labs, so I can’t wait to tell them or make them one. Thanks!

  2. Paula Bruns Norton says:

    Oh I so wish I knew how to sew. I am currently using a cushion from a papasan chair for my 2 labs. I have ordered a replacement cover from someone on Etsy but the material did not hold up to the dogs nails. I ordered another cove made from a denim material, we’ll see if that one is better. This looks awesome for 2 dogs.

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