Sweet Succulents

I have this spot in my kitchen….this big blank white space…that I have been racking my brain on what to do with. (Sorry I don’t have a before picture)

I also have been in love with these hanging succulent gardens that are all over the web, and I have been wanting to find a place to put one in my home. 




Beautiful plants, big white space in the kitchen, seems like a perfect match!  So I began begging Hubs to build me the planter box.  Months later, I just gave up and decided to pull out the power tools and do it on my own!

I started by cutting and building a double-thick frame out of 1×1 wood strips.


I used wood glue and the nail gun to secure the frames together.


Next I took a roll of chicken wire, and fit it inside the frame, pushing it down level to the front.  I used a staple gun to secure the chicken wire to the frame.


I stained the frame with the stain that matches the other wood in our home.


I did call in Hubs to cut the back piece for the frame, since we were using a large piece of plywood and I couldn’t hold it up myself.

Now comes the fun part!  I started filling my box!!  I started with a layer of Spanish moss to hold the dirt in and give a better look while I wait for the plants to fill in as they grow.


Next I filled the remainder of the space with cactus soil.  I packed it in very tightly to get as much dirt as possible.


Next, I used the nail gun to secure the back piece over the moss and dirt.


I laid out my plants before I began planting to decide on the final look.


I carefully used my fingers to make a hole in the front of the planter, then carefully pushed the roots into the hole and pushed the dirt back around the freshly planted roots.


After I had planted all the plants, I gave the whole planter a good spray of water with the hose and let it dry outside before bringing it in to hang.


I just loved the variety of colors!  These plants are supposed to be pretty hardy and from now on I will only need to spray them with a water bottle every few days.  The plants will grow and spread to fill the empty space in the planter.  The final product is pretty heavy, so we made sure to get a hanger that would hold the weight.


I love the HanGMan hanging systems because it includes a level so I know my picture will hang nicely and easily! 


I am in love with the final look.  It covers that big white space with a beautiful pop of color.  It also brings live plants into the home, which I love.  I also love how it complements my hanging herb garden over the sink.  I can’t wait to watch the plants grow and change the whole look!

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