Big Reveal ~ Wine Closet

**It’s a long one…with lots of pictures…get ready :)**

I have a problem…a pretty big one…and I am ready to admit it to the world.  I am addicted to the blogosphere!  I see so many cool ideas and I have such a talented husband, that I have no problem trying to recreate them in my own home.  Some people say that it’s kind of cool that I actually follow through and complete projects (big and small), but my husband my think otherwise. 😉

So I shared my plans for a wine closet with you a while back.  I have seen so many cool wine cellars that were transformed from small closets and I just had to have one in my house!  I had the perfect place to do it too!


At the top of the basement steps, in our main hallway, we had this mess of a linen closet.  Really you could call it a “catch-all” closet!  It was a waste of space and I could see the wine closet fitting perfectly there.  We started, of course, by cleaning out the space and starting with a fresh slate. (We won’t talk about where everything went…)


While I was cleaning, Hubs started by building the bar-top table.


After installing the bar-top, we lined the center of the closet with cedar tongue and groove planks.  This isn’t smell-a-blog, but I wish it was right now!  Every time I open the wine closet I get a whiff of cedar and I LOVE it!


The main focal point of the wine closet was the large wine-rack.  Hubs did a lot of research to try to figure out the best plan for our little space.  I was pretty pleased with the design he finally came up with.

He started by building the basic box, then fitted the diagonal inserts.  Having the triangle shapes makes it easy to stack and organize my bottles.


I worked on staining the wine rack to match the bar-top.


Now it is time for the finishing touches.  Do you remember this wine bucket and pulley that we picked up at the antique market?  Well, it makes the perfect set-up for holding that special bottle of champagne.


We also picked up this beautiful sterling silver bowl at the antique market, and we are starting our collection of corks.  On each cork I write the date and occasion for consuming that bottle.


Hubs added a glass rack under the top shelf to hold our new and antique wine glasses.  We also finally found a special place for the sterling silver Wine Cooler that we used in our wedding.


We are very proud of the final look!  Now we can’t wait to travel around the southeast, visiting and touring wineries, and growing our collection. 



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