An Upgrade

I have THE-BEST-HUSBAND-EVER!!!  Let me give you a little scenario….


(First Picture Taken with the New Camera)

It is one week before my friend’s wedding…the friend I promised to take wedding pictures for…and my camera caputs!  Meltdown from myself ensues and poor husband is at a loss.  I come home the next day to this…


(Last Picture Taken With the Old Camera)

Oh yeah!  BEST-HUSBAND-EVER!!  He went out and bought me a new Cannon Rebel T3i.  I am in LOVE with it!  It is a huge upgrade from my 8 year old Rebel XT.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my XT and I am not getting rid of it (it was really a lens broken, so the camera body is still good).  It has been a super great camera, been dropped on the concrete, dropped in trash cans, taken to the Bahamas, Philadelphia, D.C., and many more vacation and special events.  It was getting tired, needed to have the sensor cleaned, and finally the lens gave up the goat.  You can really tell from the two pictures above that the quality of the new camera is heads and tails above the old. 

The new Rebel has gotten me pumped about my photography again.  Look forward to seeing a lot more pictures…especially of my fur-babies!


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