Cheap Sweetness ~ You Float My Boat

It has been a while since I have shared a “Cheap Sweetness” idea with you all, and to be honest, it has been a while since I have actually done anything like this.  These 2Teachers are wrapping up the school year and have been super duper busy, but after I sat here and watched my husband spend his Saturday helping one neighbor fix his air conditioner, then help another neighbor fix his lawn mower, and finally do a job for a third neighbor to fix his son’s car, I figured he deserved a little something to let him know I love and appreciate him.

I jumped on the computer and went to my favorite place for these kind of ideas,  I found this super cute idea and went to work creating my own version.


I thought this little “You Float My Boat” basket was so cute, and a perfect cool treat after Hubs’ long day of work.  I started by creating my tags and labels on my Silhouette.


I used my Gold Sketch Pen to let the Silhouette draw out the designs on a piece of cardboard so the tags would be stiff.


I know I am a craft-dork, but I get so excited watching the Silhouette work.  It just amazes me!  After the design was finished, I cut them out and used my colored pencils and markers to add a little more color.


Of course, I had tons of help while I worked.  The girls LOVE when I craft, because they get to chill out in the cool basement.


So here are my dorky notes that I added to the bottles for the ice cream floats.  (PS – Dorky is how we show our love around here 🙂


Aren’t they super cute?  I added the overall gift tag, the bottles, some mason jars (because what else do southerner’s use for ice cream floats??), straws, spoons, and of course some yummy vanilla ice cream to a basket I had around the house.


Hubs was super surprised when he came in the door, and couldn’t wait to have a float for dessert!  Here we are with our Dorky selves enjoying our floats…


Hubs really did enjoy his little surprise!  I hope I can give him more days of appreciation now that I have more time to spare.



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