Antique Treasures

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a fun little antique trip that we took with our dear friends.  While we were there, we picked up two super fun little antiques to add to our home.


My first, very happy, find was the large tractor spring.  I have been hunting for one of these for a long time!  I wanted the spring to hold incoming and out-going mail.  This bad boy weighs a ton, and I lugged it around in my purse for the day, but it was totally worth it!


Our second find was super cool, but definitely not something we were looking for.  Hubs had been eyeballing these old copper fire extinguishers, but they are very pricey.  And to be honest, it is one of our few antiques that doesn’t really serve a purpose other than decoration.


BUT, when we came across a vendor that had it marked as half the price of what we usually find…and then had her whole booth marked another half off of that, we couldn’t pass it up.  And it actually makes a pretty great cup holder 🙂

We love finding these little treasures that we can add to our home to make it our own.


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