Hubs New Toy

Almost two years ago, we bought our first home.  This beautiful home fit all of our must-haves:  a front porch, a shop for Hubs’ cars, in a neighborhood, a basement, and most importantly a big fenced-in yard.


Here is a better shot of the shop, and of course my brown girl who is always helping me take pictures.


What Hubs loves the most about our house is getting to work in the yard.  He loves making our yard beautiful, lush, and green…and I love having a yard I can actually walk around in barefoot (it’s like carpet folks!).  Now, for the front yard, we are only allowed to push-mow (per hubs).  Why?….Because we MUST have those perfect lines!


The back yard is a whole different story.  When we said we wanted a big yard, we got one!  It was already fenced all the way in and was really a big blank slate.  We planted a couple of trees that will mature to give us some shade, but otherwise all we do back here is cut a whole bunch of grass and throw the ball for the pups.


These pictures don’t even do justice for how big this yard it.  I tried to get the shop in both images so you can see how big the yard is….plus it still goes around on the other side of the shop!  We were blessed that my in-laws let us use their old riding mower for the first year and a half that we were here.


(This is my sweet nephew on the old mower.)

So, when the old Cub Cadet started to struggle with our enormous yard, we knew we were either going to have to get ready for a LOT of push-mowing, or bite the bullet and get a new mower….and I am NOT push mowing that back yard!

So, for those of you that know my hubs, you know he spent a TON of time researching and comparing until he left with his dad and finally came home with this…



He couldn’t wait to see how this big boy worked on the back yard….so without changing from his work clothes, and going in the dark, our grass got a little trim!  Do you think it is dangerous to ride with the gas can on the front like that?!


I even think I won’t mind cutting the grass on this bad boy!


I know that grass cutting is going to be a fun chore for a while….so if you don’t hear from  us…check the back yard! Smile



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