Accidental Garden

Do you want to know what happens when your husband doesn’t dispose of last year’s pumpkins properly?


You begin to grow your own pumpkin patch!!

So last fall we went to the pumpkin farm and got some beautiful pumpkins (read about it here).  When the season was over, I asked my sweet hubs to dispose of the rotting pumpkins.  He just walked around the back of the house and placed them in our mini garden location (read about it here) which we had cleaned out for the winter.  So when I was ready to plant new veggies for the summer, I found this:


The pumpkins were never touched.  They just rotted in on themselves and since we didn’t carve them, they were still full of seeds.  The seeds germinated and sprouted, and now I don’t have the heart to dig them up.  They are already growing so good! 


I guess we won’t have fresh summer veggies, but everyone can come get a free pumpkin at the Carver’s this fall!!


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