Happy 4th Folks!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!  I hope you all take a few moments today, as you cook out, spend time on the lake, and watch fireworks, to remember that today (237 years ago) we became a free nation.  Don’t forget how blessed we are to live in a free country and by all means never forget all the men and women who fight daily to keep it that way!!

As I am getting ready to enjoy time with my family and friends today, I pulled out all my front porch decorations from last year.  I figured I would do a re-share with you.  Enjoy the patriotic front porch reveal from July 4th 2012!

So today is exciting for me because I get to share my front porch make-over with you guys!!  I am sure you remember me mentioning that one of the number one reasons I fell in love with this house was the front porch.  We have spent a LOT of time out on that sweet little front porch and I really wanted to give it a little more of a “homey” feel.  We did a lot of DIY projects and purchased a couple of items to complete this transformation, and we are so pleased.  I think we are spending more time out there now (if that is possible) than we did before!  By stopping by my blog home today you also get to see all the little patriotic touches we have added to the porch to show our excitement about the 4th!  Enjoy!


Yay!  Isn’t it so pretty and welcoming now!?  Below are pictures of the details.  I want to mention a few things before you get to the details….1)  Please don’t judge my dying flowers.  It has been between 105 and 110 degrees every day here over the past week (no joke) and my poor flowers are just not taking the heat so well.  2) I will be posting all month long to show you how we made all of these little details, so if you see something you like, please keep coming back! :0)

front porch make-over 1

The sweet little table between the rockers (above) was a donation from my grandparents when I moved out to attend college.  A coat of black spray paint and it was ready for its new home on the front porch.  Its little shelf holds a lighter for the citronella candle, and a fly swatter, both very necessary in the humid Georgia summers.  The planter below has cat nip on the bottom for Enzo and was supposed to have lemon grass on the top to deter the mosquitoes, but since we couldn’t find lemon grass the monkey grass will have to do for now.

front porch make-over 2 front porch make-over 3 front porch make-over 4 front porch make-over 5 front porch make-over 6

This beautiful porch swing (below) was a birthday present from my hubby!  I am in love with it!!

front porch make-over 7

The hand-painted rug (below) was an extra special touch which I feel really completes the look!

 front porch make-over 8

You are all welcome to come enjoy a little sit down on the porch anytime – come on over! :0)


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