Father’s Day Gift Giving

I know it is WAY past Father’s Day, but I still wanted to share this simple little gift we made for my daddy.  My parents live in beautiful, sunny Florida and spend many weekends at the beach.  We thought this cute little beach cooler would be the perfect gift for daddy.


We picked up a simple personal cooler at Wally-world and then took some time personalizing it.  I used  my Silhouette to cut out special vinyl quotes and shapes to add our personal touch.

It started plain and boring like this:


But we had a blast turning it into a one of a kind that looked like this:





We loved filling it with some special beach goodies too! Included in the cooler are:  a beach towel, spray sunscreen, face sunscreen bar, a water bottle, and two cases of dad’s favorite “smartie juice” (its really Tampico juice, but it tastes just like the Smarties candies!).


Dad loved his gift and put it to use right away!  We loved the visit to FL, and the time at the beach in the sun!


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