Mom’s Succulent Birthday

I am so in love with the hanging succulent gardens all over the web.  I am sure you remember the one I made for my kitchen a few months ago. (Read about how we made it here)  When my parents came to visit, my sweet momma commented on how much she liked it…and a light bulb came on above my head!

IMG_1820 copy

My parents live in beautiful sunny Florida and have the absolute perfect weather for growing succulents!  When momma’s birthday rolled around Hubs and I got busy making her a beautiful succulent garden of her own.


Mom’s hanging garden was designed to hang on her screened-in porch by the pool, and it much larger than mine (2ft x 3ft).  We built the hanging box here in GA and traveled it down to Orlando on our last visit.  I took mom to the local home improvement store to let her pick her color and her plants.  M and Hubs helped get it painted, get the plants planted, and get it hung on the porch before mom came home from work.


Of course her hanging succulent garden is thriving and doing well with all the sun in Orlando.  And I am sure momma loves having something beautiful to watch grow.



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