The “Baby’s Room”

I am NOT pregnant.  I promise I will tell you all when that blessed day comes, but right now we have a lot going on and expecting a baby is not one of them.  I have to say this because you are about to see a lot of things going on in the “baby’s room” and a lot of you will start asking questions…yes you will….I know you. Smile

Let’s give a little background knowledge on how this room got it’s name and why we are working in this room this summer.  When we moved in the house, we immediately chose which room would be our guest room and which room would be a future nursery.  We have left the back bedroom (the future nursery) empty because we know we want to expand our family sooner rather than later.  As we gave tours and showed people the house, we started calling it “the baby’s room” to explain why it sits empty.


Now, why are we working in there?  We have a million projects to choose from, and no baby on the way, so why work in the baby’s room?  Well…because it is empty!  That makes it super easy to work in there.  Also, we have been collecting furniture (and been given a lot) for the future nursery and we HAVE to get it refinished and OUT of the garage (since that’s the next project on the list)!

OK – now that all of that is out of the way.  Let’s talk about what’s been going on in the “baby’s room”.  I posted our big project goals for 2013 back in January (read about it here).  And giving the back bedroom a coat of paint was on the list.  I knew I wanted to keep a future nursery gender neutral, and I was loving a grey/yellow theme. 


So we did it….we painted the “baby’s room” grey!  I love it! Love it! Love it!   We have lots of other plans for this room (like adding crown molding, making curtains, refurnished furniture, etc.) and I promise you will be updated on every step.  But for now I like to just peek in there when I walk by and enjoy the beautiful rich grey on the walls!



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