Yellow Fever

One of the reasons we started working in the “baby’s room” was to get a bunch of furniture out of our garage.  Yep, we have a lot of pieces that are special to us, and we knew we would want to keep them for our future nursery, but they were starting to pile up. Also, they were not being well protected in the garage, so we began the refinishing process and started getting these pieces out of the garage and into the newly painted baby’s room.

Our first piece has a pretty cool story…one of those “this was meant to be” kind of stories.


Hubs and I knew that we wanted a long, low dresser for our future nursery.  We also knew that we wanted an antique, or at least a dresser that we could fix-up and paint.  We didn’t want a new model, we knew that for sure.  Because we have hunted for a dresser before (see our master bedroom dresser makeover here) we knew that it was a LONG process.  So we have been on the look-out for our perfect dresser for the baby’s room for about a year.  We have looked at the auction, yard sales, and Craig’s list with no such luck.


About two month’s ago, our look was finally over.  Hubs’ sweet grandmother was moving out of her home and was having an estate sale.  We went over before the sale to see if there was anything we would like (we are super sentimental) before she opened the doors to the public.  You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I saw this beauty sitting there waiting for it’s new home!


I immediately fell in love with the way it sat up on legs (so I can vacuum underneath), the simple lines, and the tons of drawers.  It was perfect!!  It belonged to Hubs’ grandfather, and that makes it even more special to us.  We brought it home and it has been sitting in our garage waiting for some love.


My boys put the dresser up on the work table and got busy creating a masterpiece.  They took off all the hardware, sanded the piece down, wiped it with a tac cloth, puttied the scratches, sanded again, and prepped the piece for paint.


Of course we always have a chocolate helper while we work on projects, and this day was no different.  Willow found the perfect spot to chill on the lawnmower.  From here she could watch over the boys and keep an eye on the neighborhood at the same time.  Have I mentioned that I love this girl!?


Back to the boys…a coat of white primer, then the wonderfully beautiful coat of yellow completed the paint job on the boys end of the work. Oh yea, Hubs pained the original handles with a coat of white too!



I just have to say that I am LOVE with the yellow! Once the paint dried over night, I took the drawers in and used a sponge brush to paint white in the small details on the drawers.  This was very tedious work.  I had to keep Q-tips on hand to wipe off any mistakes quickly before they dried.  I am glad I chose to paint the detail because I think it completes the look perfectly.


We added the final touch of putting the newly painted hardware back on the dresser, and placed it perfectly in the room.  I love how that yellow just POPS against the grey wall!  I must say that I love giving an old piece of furniture a new life!





One thought on “Yellow Fever

  1. Amy Fortney Parks says:

    Wow! I wish you boys would come to my house – could you please rent them out next summer? Or, better yet, how about sending little man up to visit Aunt Amy and Uncle Frank and we will pay him to get some jobs done up here! Since he is so well trained – by the master himself – we know it will be the best possible quality work! Beautiful dresser! Now where is the baby?

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