It’s Been a While

Well, dear blogger family, I have missed you.  As you know, our family has had a lot of changes this summer and fall and we have been just a little too busy to blog.  Although it takes time to post, I have had a few followers emailing and asking for updates on the blog, so I am ready to get back at it!  I actually enjoy blogging and think it’s a great stress relief for me.  I just have to remember to stick to one rule…no schedule!  If I have time to post, I will post, if not, I won’t.  No pressure to post on certain days, post certain activities, or post a certain amount of times a week.

OK – so what’s going on?  Um…a lot!  M’s transition into our home has actually been much smoother than expected.  He has been a HUGE blessing to us, and now I don’t know what my daily life would be like without him.  I love his energy and excitement about his new endeavors.  I love his silliness, his jokes, and his laughs.  I even love that he eats me out of house and home, because it warms my heart to know that he is healthy and taken care of.


M had a very successful Cross Country season and has now started Wrestling.  The athletics have really filled up our family schedule, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.  This is the first time M has ever participated in school athletics, and he is actually very physically gifted!  He placed third in his weight category on his very first wrestling meet!


M has been doing amazingly well with his academics too.  Of course in this home, with two teachers for parents, academics rank #1.  He went from missing 40 days of school last semester and barely passing (even failing some courses), to having perfect attendance and straight A’s!  I look at him every day and marvel at how far he has come in 5 short months.  I also think about the potential that was being lost while he was in his other environment.  He is truly an amazing young man, and God blessed us with him at just the right moment in our lives (all of us)!


We only have two very short years with him (as of right now), and we hope that we can instill in him all the values he needs to be a productive young man.  One who knows what it takes to be a “real man”, by providing for your family, working hard, and striving to reach your fullest potential.  We hope that one day when he has to make a difficult choice, he has enough love and support behind him that he can make the right one.


Hubs and I love this boy with all our hearts.  I would do anything for him, and I hope he knows that.  He has changed our lives for the better.  We are better people just for knowing him and being able to love him! Thanks for stopping back in, and I promise to update you a little more often.  I will still post some recipes and crafts, but plan on hearing a little bit more about our successful adventures with our boy!


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