January CraFT Goal

Hey friends!  Long time, no see Winking smile.  A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to take a short business trip to San Diego, CA.  I attended this very uplifting conference called Life on Fire.  The message was basically this:   If you want to do it….just do it!  There is really nothing stopping you!  I left there reeling with ideas for my life, but the main thing I took away was a method for goal setting.  I will share all the details on that with you in February, but for today I want to tell you that I am going to tackle my crafting obsession…try to wrangle it in….and see what I can accomplish in 2014!

My idea is to tackle one craft project per month, hunker down, and get ‘er done!  So….I know you want to know what January’s craft project is!!

quilt 1

A Quilt!  What!?  A Quilt!?  Really!?  Well, yeah…why not?  A few summers ago I took a class from a super sweet little old lady at Betty Sue’s Quilt Shop in Spout Springs….and yes, the sweet little old lady was Betty Sue herself.  Since then, I haven’t really worked on my quilting skills.  I was spending a little time on Pinterest the other day (surprise, I know) and found an amazing little tutorial for a simple chevron quilt….and I love me some chevron, so I figured…why not?

quilt 2

So I hurried over to the fabric store and picked up some coordinating fabrics in my favorite color combo of grey and yellow, ironed, pressed, cut, sewed, and already had my squares cut and my pattern laid out….yes, in one day!  So now I have a week left in January to get the top sewed together, the batting securely inside, the backing on, and finally create the finished edges!  Ok world, I said it….hold me to it!

quilt 3


One thought on “January CraFT Goal

  1. Jamie Lind says:

    Hum I winder why you picked yellow and grey lol 😉 I know you can do it! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Maybe you can make one for Avery when you get yours done;)

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