Winter Storm 2014

Yes, in Georgia, a dusting of snow is considered a “Winter Storm”.  He he.  Well hey, like one of my students said today “it only snows here like every three years.” So don’t blame us when we over-react a little.  I know all those milk sandwiches we are all having for dinner (that’s why everyone goes to the store to buy milk and bread right?) are going to be yummy!

snow 1

I will say that I have been secretly (well, not really so secretly) hoping for a good snow since we moved into our home 2 years ago.  I really want a pretty picture of my home covered in snow!  I already have a plan of how I can get out of the house and up to the top of the driveway without putting footprints in my picture.

snow 2

I also can’t wait to play in the snow with my 2Dogs – my furbabies!  Last time we had a good snow, Willow was only a pup, but she LOVED it!  She loved pulling my niece and nephew around on their sled, and we practically had to drag her inside to warm her little red belly up by the fire.

mommy and willow snowmommy and Harley snow

I also can’t wait for Harley to play in the snow.  She has never seen snow!  I think she is just going to LOVE it too!  I just hope she doesn’t get scared of it, since she can be timid about the strangest things…like the refrigerator….and the cat….

snow 3

Well – I think we will come in and warm up…wait for some good accumulation and the boys to get home, and then head back out for some real fun!  Harley wants to know who will come play with her in the snow?

snow 4


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