A BIG Snow

In Georgia you don’t get to see a lot of snow.  You may get a dusting of snow every couple of years, but every 5 years or so, we get a doozy.  And this year we got a doozy for sure! 


You can see by this weather map, that Gainesville already is in the 8-12 inches of accumulation range…wowza!  So what do you do when you get THAT much snow? 


YOU PLAY!  Of course!!!!  We got out and played in the snow with our ocean skim board…lol…only in Georgia would you use your beach toys to play in the snow.

IMG_7873  IMG_7929


We had so much fun sledding! Of course I also had to try and get some pictures of my girls, but that was another task that is more complicated in the snow.  Harley and Willow just wanted to RUN and play and RUN….no time for picture posing!


IMG_8008  IMG_8012

After all the snow play, it was time for a snow snack.  Snow Cream!!!  I have never had snow cream, and neither has M, so we pulled up the fabulous internet, found us a recipe, and made our very first batch of snow cream!



  1 cup of half and half (or milk)

  1/3 cup of sugar

  1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


And of course SNOW!!  You will need between 4 and 6 cups of fresh white snow!


You start by mixing your milk, sugar, and vanilla until all your sugar has dissolved (about 3 minutes).


Add your fresh snow and start to stir…


…and watch the magic happen! 


Your mixture will turn into ice cream right before your eyes!  So cool!  You can put it in the freezer for a little while before you eat it if you want to harden it up a little, but M and I couldn’t wait.


Its sweet, and cold, and made of snow!  It doesn’t get any better than that!

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