Run Like A Girl

So I figured I would post on something that we have already started, something we have the ball rolling on already.  Let me start by catching you up to speed.

So you know we have a teenager….and he is a dang good runner!  He participated in Cross Country and now participates in Soccer at his school, so he spends a lot of time running.  We started in the fall  letting him participate in local 5Ks.  We would print out all the local 5Ks for the next month, talk about each individual cause, and let him decide which one he would like to run.


His first run was Kelsey’s Cure (supporting a local high school student struggling with leukemia).  He brought a friend to this race.  The friend placed 2nd and M placed 3rd in their age category.  Not bad for their first race.


New month, new friend, new race.  In October, M ran the Boo Run, supporting the local Masonic Lodge.  Friend came in 1st in age group, M came in 2nd.


We took a break during the super cold months, and over the holiday decided that this shouldn’t just be an M activity…this should be a family activity!  So, in February (when all the snow finally thawed) we ran our first 5K together as a family!  It was so much fun!  This time we ran the Little Heroes 5K, supporting the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.


Hubs was so super sweet and walked the whole thing right by my side, motivating me, and encouraging me to get to the end.  Of course, I didn’t make a super great time (57:13), but I finished, and for that I am very proud of myself!


Again, M brought a different friend.  Again, the friend came in first and M came in second for their age group! 

For March, we added another member to our 5K family!  My bestie joined us as we ran the Fallen Heroes 5K, supporting families of Georgia soldiers who have lost their lives in service.


This time Hubs went off on his own, and cut his last race time in half.  I walked/jogged with my bestie and cut 7 minutes of my previous time!! (50:30).  And then their was M…


This time there was no friend…this was the biggest race we have run so far….and M came in FIRST PLACE for his age group!  We were so super excited for him!! 

So where do we go from here?  We have plans to run a family 5K every month!  We are already signed up for the races below and we would LOVE for yall to join us!!!


My Bestie and I started a team “Run Like a Girl” to participate in the local March of Dimes March to Help Babies on April 19th.  We would love for you to join our team, or send us a donation!


Muddy Duck Dash @ North Georgia College (Gainesville Campus) supporting the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation on April 26th.


We are also all signed up to run the “Some Gave All” 5K in Lula on May 10th, which sends funds to the National Guard Family Support Foundation.  We are really enjoying a new lifestyle activity!  We hope you can join us sometime!


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