Bad Blogger

I have not been a very good blogger lately!  So sorry!  I can’t believe it has been since March!! 

Let me update you what’s been going on around this crazy house.

Me Smile – I have taken on two more Tech VA clients that I really love working for.  One works with redefining what healthy means, and lives in New York.  The other is in marketing and lives in California.  I am telling you, these ladies rock!  It has been a huge blessing to add them to my work schedule and get to know them and their love for their growing businesses.  With all that being said, I still work full time as a teacher, and still have my original client Tech VA, The Wise Family.  Between work, dogs, a teenager, and family, I have been super busy!  Sadly this means I have put some of my biggest loves on the side-burner (reading, photography, cooking, and crafting).  But don’t worry about me, I will get back in the groove – starting now by getting back to my blogging love. Smile


Here is the family at the Third Day Concert

Hubs – well, hubs is as awesome as every (he is currently fixing our broken air conditioner).  He has been doing lots of side jobs on cars, getting registered at NGC to finish his masters, and taking on a lot more responsibility at work (science chair, mentor, etc).  Of course, he has done a few big projects for me like painting my kitchen (update soon), getting my grandmother’s piano from her home for me, and cleaning out both the garage and the shop….of yeah…and building me my very first garden (update soon).  He is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Smile


M – um….well….M is just being a teenager.  Since we are out for summer break, he pretty much sleeps until lunch time (or after), does his chores, goes to boxing (oh yeah, we signed him up for boxing), and watches movies.


Our family made a super huge purchase this summer and full-filled a long time dream – we got a boat! So that has taken up a lot of time too Smile  Between broken air conditioners, work, pool, and boat, we haven’t spent a lot of time on projects, but we are itching to get back in the groove.  So stay tuned for some great updates on us this month!!


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