A Project on the Run

I am super excited to share this little diddy with you today! This is a project I have been planning in my mind since January. A while back I made a bib holder for my sweet boy to hold all his running bibs and medals from his 5k accomplishments.

Since hubs and I have started partaking in the 5k fun, I have been saving all our running bibs and making a super messy collection on my craft table. So yesterday I finally got around to marking one more project off the list….a couple’s bib holder!

This one was pretty easy. I purchased the board from Michaels just to make things go a little quicker (basically I didn’t feel like dragging out the saw). I stained it black, attached some hooks, and placed on the monograms and quote that I cut out of vinyl on my Silhouette Machine.

I am super happy with the finished result. We hung it in the hallway so we would walk past it everyday and be reminded to stay active….and so others would see it and we could brag about our accomplishments…hehe.


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