Moving INto the 21st Century

Yeah….soooo….in our living room, we have this…


It is the biggest, ugliest, piece of 80’s-ugly furniture that we own.  I mean look at that TV stand!  Black lacquer with silver embellishments…ugh…nasty.  Don’t get me wrong, it has served it purpose…for a long time, but it was past time to see this bad boy go.

The problem is that, as you see, this ginormous TV (that my hubs insisted we have) must sit in the corner of our living room.  We looked at some corner TV cabinets, but our corner is not even (much longer on one side than the other), and the corner cabinets we liked cost a fortune!  We are two teachers over here…with two dogs…and a TEENAGER….we are on a tight budget. 

So guess who came to the rescue!?  You guessed it, my amazing hubby!  He said “hey, I have an idea…” and the rest of the story goes smoothly from 80’s monstrosity to….


I know!!!!  Isn’t it just PERFECT!?  And guess how much we spent on it…guess….$26!  I mean you can’t beat that for a solid real wood – perfect fit for your house – TV stand! 

Hubs had spent some time staring at that old TV stand (after I mentioned how I hated it, and it doesn’t match anything else in our house), and about 3 days later started building.  He started with scrap wood left over from making the wooden chest for our bedroom.


He measured, cut, measured, cut, and cut some more.  I can’t believe he didn’t even write down ANY measurements!  He kept all the knowledge in his head!!  Crazy smart I tell you!


(sorry about the shirtless teenager….it is REALLY HOT in Hotlanta these days!)

They nailed a few things together, took my suggestions for how to create the top piece, and did a little more nailing and finally some sanding.


Of course all of this was done with our supervisor on site.


Isn’t she just precious!? I just love that chocolate girl!  Anyways….back to the TV stand.

Hubs added some castors to the bottom, and stained it for a beautifully perfect finish!


I can’t tell you how happy I am!  This TV stand looks beautiful in our living room, matches the rest of our décor, and was made by the hands of my amazingly talented hubby…all in ONE day!  We only paid $26 for the caster wheels and stain!  You can’t beat that deal!



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