A Quick Kitchen Update

I love my house!  I love the HUGE front porch (with a porch swing and UGA rockers).  I love the HUGE, fenced in back-yard.  I love the finished basement, hardwood floors, millions of windows that let in all the light, and even the shop!  I especially love my kitchen.  It is open, has tons of cabinets, lots of counter space, and has the perfect 3-point cooking space (sink, counter, stove). 

What I didn’t love about my kitchen (when we moved in) were the VERY outdated appliances, the UGLY countertops, and the cheap-non-washable-paint on the walls.  Well, if you have kept up with us over here at 2Teachers2Dogs, you will remember that we have taken care of the appliances and the counters already.

Wait a minute…you are right!  I never showed you our updates along the way!  I am so terrible!!

OK – so let’s get caught up…. Here is the before of the kitchen.


Its not TOOOO bad.  I loved the tall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, and it was very bright and clean with all the white.  But….It had no style.  Also, we were striving to make the kitchen seem slightly separate from the rest of the house, and with all the same boring cream color it just wasn’t working for us.  We started by updating the pantry.


Then last summer, my amazing husband got me my dream stove!  He also picked up a matching dishwasher!  We were slowly turning that kitchen into OUR KITCHEN.


For Christmas, that amazing husband strikes again with all new countertops!!

1535519_10202923622237347_914284246_n (1)

I can’t believe the ONLY pictures I took of the new counters were cell phone pictures!

And just this summer, we finally added one more piece.  Our kitchen is almost complete.  All we have left in our dreams is to add a tile backsplash, but for now the washable paint will work just fine.





Love it!  The dark color gives the kitchen a little contrast to the rest of the upstairs and really makes those white cabinets POP!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Kitchen Update

  1. gerri schultz says:

    You guys are so impressive!!!  So happy for you!  It’s been so interesting to see your projects and witness your talents.  Thanks for sharing!


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