Lifestyle Change Motivation

Here is a quick little way to help remind me to drink more water every day.  I mean who doesn’t want to drink water when you have a super cute, personalized water bottle!?!?


I am really loving the anchors lately (I know it is trendy…too bad), so of course I added a monogramed anchor to the front.


On the back is a subtle reminder that I need to drink 100 oz of water a day.  That equates to four full water bottles.


I even made one for a friend at work, who has promised to help hold me accountable for my water consumption and healthier eating choices (and I promised the same for her!).


I ended up really loving this spur of the moment project!  The bottles were buy one get one free at the grocery store, and a coupon fairy left an extra dollar off coupon on the shelf!  I didn’t know what I would do with them, but knew they needed to be cute!  Hopefully I can guzzle four bottles a day!!


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