Weekend Pinterest Project

I work with the most amazing people on the planet – every single one of them!  I work especially close with my little team of teachers that I think hung the moon!  The art, music, and PE teacher are my heroes!  They work with every little body in our building, teach them skills to make them well-rounded little humans, and love them the whole way there. 

I wanted to make sure that they know how much I appreciate them, so I put together a little “You Rule” gift for them (with inspiration from Pinterest of course!).


I know!  Super cute, right!?  Very teacher-esque Smile.  I saw these ruler vases on Pinterest and decided to put a few together. 

You would be surprised how hard it was to find old-fashioned wooden rulers.  They have florescent ones, rubber ones, see-through ones, but no old-fashioned wooden ones!  I went EVERYWHERE, and finally found them at Target…for 30 cents each!  So I bought every one they had! Smile

We started by pulling out the small metal piece on the edges. Actually, I started by trying to just cut the rulers with the metal in there…bad idea…when metal went flying, almost in my eye, we decided to pull them out before cutting any more.


Then I cut them to size with the miter saw.  I knew I wanted two small containers for pencil holders, and two larger ones as vases.  So I cut them on the 4 inch mark, which gave me one 4 inch piece and one 8 inch piece from every ruler.


I used the hot glue gun to glue the rulers onto clean spaghetti jars (I love to recycle).  I had these super cool, square jars for the pencil holders – don’t you just love them!?


My next step was to put painters tape about 1/3 of the way up the container and paint the bottom white or blue.


Finally, I cut out and put together the pieces for the “My Team Rules” cards.  I used my silhouette, which we all know I LOVE!  I made sure to write a personal note for each of my teammates on the back of their cards.  Didn’t they just turn out perfectly sweet!?  I am so excited about delivering in the morning…I hope they love them!



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