5 MInutes that will Change your Holidays FOREVER

I am really not joking!  I just completed a project on the fly that will change my holidays forever!!

So if you are like me, every year you get all these amazingly beautiful holiday cards from all your family and friends.  I love looking through them, seeing their beautiful families, and displaying them for the season.  But then I have this huge internal struggle every year right around January 1st.  I start to take my decorations down, pack them up oh so carefully, and store them away for the year.  I always save the card holder and cards for last because I just don’t know what to do with them.  Some years I threw them away…feeling guilt all along the way because I also send out cards and know how much time, money, and love was put into the effort of sending them out.  I finally couldn’t take the guilt any more and just started saving them in gallon Ziploc bags, telling myself “I will find a way to use these in a purposeful way”. 


So that was great – no more guilt about throwing away holiday cards…but now I had a new problem.  I now had three years worth of holiday cards starting to take up a shelf on my craft table.  Um, Hubs already gives me crafting boundaries so these cards had to find a purpose…today!  I mean I really need that highly valuable craft retail space for other projects!


So here comes the 5 minutes that will change your holidays.  I literally made this little project in 5 minutes, start to finish for BOTH years!!  I started by stacking all my cards from the same year together.  I put the largest sized card on the bottom of the stack, and my personal family card (I always keep one copy) on the front (as the cover so-to-speak).  And then I just hole punched them all!


I punched holes in ALL my cards from that particular year, the family pictures, the bi-fold cards, the child-made cards…all of them.  Then I just lined up the holes, put book rings through them, and set them up on small plate holders!  Ta-da!  A perfect way to display our cards from year to year.  Now we can go back and look at them like a book each holiday when we get them out for display.  It will be so fun to see how our family changes on the cover, and how all of our other family and friends have as well.  I even know the perfect spot to start displaying them!


Oh yeah – and as an after-thought I noticed that I am the only looser that doesn’t put the date on my personal holiday card!  So I just flipped over the first “page” and wrote the year on the back.  This way when I am super old and can’t remember anything (like this Christmas probably) I will be able to know when each group of holiday cards were very first enjoyed.


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