A Heavy Heart

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”– Hellen Keller

It is with a warm and content heart that I write this post.  Most of you that read our blog know that a year and a half ago, we brought “our boy” into our home. We have updated you on his progress and success along the way.

His journey began with choices that led him down a path of self-destruction and missed opportunities.  My husband and I have opened up our home and hearts to this boy.  I must say this boy, has showed more courage than any other fifteen year old boy I have seen.  He has handled the opportunity given to him with a humble heart, courage, and grace.  Many of you have played an integral part in shaping this boy into the young man he is today.  I would like to thank so many of you for the support, time, advice, mentoring, patience, and caring you have shown for him over this past year and a half.  Because of “you” he is successful both academically and personally. Thank you for accepting him as part of our family!

For the past few months we have worried about M’s overall well being and began to speak with him about why he seemed sad.  He expressed to us that he missed his family, and that he worked very hard to change, and feels he deserves the chance to be with his family again.  After speaking with my husband, we fully believe that only Marcos really knows where his heart is and what is truly best for his overall well being.  So we began the process of weaning him into more time with his family.   During these times M has shown his strength of character by choosing to go to the gym, help mom cook, or help dad make repairs around the house rather than wander the streets as he had in the past.  He felt like he was really ready to prove to everyone that he can still reach his goals and live with his family.

After speaking many hours with M he believes, and we do as well, that he has learned a lot of valuable lessons while living with us and that he is ready to go back and be a role model for his family.  Although my husband and I know that reaching his goals will be much harder in that environment, we feel that he is strong enough for the challenge.

Even though the home environment hasn’t changed since he left, M has changed…a lot.  He knows now that his actions effect more than just himself.  He knows that he has a support system bigger than just his immediate family.  He knows that he can set goals for his life, and he can work hard to reach them.

So today, M is embarking on the next chapter of his life.  Yesterday was the last day Marcos will be living with us.   However difficult and sad this may be, we will support him in this decision. He has proven himself “changed”.  M has moved back in with his family, as family is very important.  I hope and pray that the tools and skills we have taught him over the course of a year and a half, have provided him with enough strength to overcome obstacles that may come his way.

Of course our hearts are a little heavy, and our home will always be missing a little part of it now, but my husband and I believe whole-heartedly that now is the right time for Marcos to go home.  He will forever be a part of our family, and will forever have a cheering team on his side.

I do not think this is goodbye…more of an “I will see you around”.


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