Making a Runner’s Playlist with the Right Kicks On

I really needed to take my running up a notch.  I have been on a great start – at least for me!  I have run a few 5Ks and gotten faster each time.  I have a running partner to hold me accountable.  And…that’s about it. 🙂  Like I said…time to take it up a notch.



So I started by doing some research on shoes.  I suffer with terrible shin splints and everyone I talked to had two pieces of advice.  1)  you just have to run through it…it will get better.  And 2) invest in some really good running shoes.   OK – now let’s do some research on shoes.  I read a lot of articles about getting the just right shoe for you.  The big tips I took away from all that reading was:  don’t buy for looks (sorry, not buying for cuteness), buy in the afternoon when your feet are already swollen, be ready to spend at least $100, don’t assume your size.  There was so much out there about buying the right running shoes that it was overwhelming!  So I just went down to the local running store and had them fit me for the right shoe. It was actually kind of fun.  I learned a lot about my stride and exactly why I am getting those terrible shin splints.  The store manager was fabulous.  He laid on the floor and watched me walk barefoot, then with shoes (7 different brands).  He said there was a lot of movement in my ankles which caused the pain in my shin.  I needed a shoe with a lot of support on the inside of my arch to stop the movement in my ankles.  I finally decided on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 and can’t wait to try them out!!  I would highly suggest going to a local running store and get fitted for the right shoe.


So now that I have the right kicks, I need the perfect playlist to go with it.  Again with the research. 🙂  I have been just grabbing a few songs I liked to get me through the run, but really needed a play list that worked WITH my run.

I started with this site that told me a few tips for creating a playlist:

Then I moved on to the serious stuff – – How Cool!?  This site talks all about matching songs to your running pace.  Then you can search songs to match your pace.  Sweet!  Jackpot!  So I worked a few hours on creating the perfect running playlist for me, right now, where I am with my running.  I am sure (and hopeful) that it will have to change in the future to keep up with my changing running pace, but for now…here is my list!

Song Title Artist Duration BPM Workout
Meaning Gavin Degraw 3:35 84 Warmup
Bring the Funk Ben Harper 4:07 100 Transition
Don’t Stop Dancing Creed 4:32 140 Jog
Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 3:21 128 Jog
Dream On Aerosmith 4:22 149 Jog
Animal I have Become Three Days Grace 3:50 125 Jog
Gotta Be Somebody Nickleback 4:13 117 Transition
Set Fire to the Rain Adele 3:59 108 Cool Down
Total Time 31:59

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