Why Do I Run 5Ks?

I am slower than a turtle running through peanut butter, so why in the world do I keep running 5Ks?  Because of this:


The support that running with friends brings, beats no other motivator for me!  I have had a goal of running one 5K a month for a while, and for the most part (with exception of the dead heat of summer) have stuck to it for over a year.  Yes, I have gotten a little faster (not as fast as I would like), but that is not what it important to me.  It is spending time with these phenomenal ladies and working on ME. 


Every 5K brings different friends and I love that!  But one friend that has been a huge support is this one right here.  She never lets me miss a race, slack on my practice, or slow down during that last mile.  She keeps me on my fitness toes by supporting me with my eating at work, and my fitness at home.  The best part is that we are in this journey together!  We both are aiming to transform our lives and won’t let the other one back down!  Thanks so much for your support Becca!  #babebeforebaby


This month we ran our first color run, The Color Race for Grace.  The supporting cause was human trafficking and the statistics are very eye opening!  We had a blast running the 3 lap course and getting dowsed in color!  I can’t wait to run another 5K with these ladies, and hopefully a 10K in the fall!



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