Snack Hack

While we were in Florida this past week, my mom introduced Hubs to these Sargento Balanced Breaks Snack Packs.  He loved them!  And I loved that he was getting a serving of fruit, protein, and dairy all in one simple energy packed snack!


What I didn’t love so much about these snack packs was the price!  The suggested retail price is $3.69 for a 3-pack.  But never fear, mom to the rescue!  She mentioned that sometimes she just buys the pieces and makes up her own little snack packs.  Sometimes when I try this technique it ends up costing me the same amount of money, but more effort…ugh.  But I thought I would give it a try anyways…plus I could cater the snack packs to meet the finicky taste buds of my hubs.


So today we picked up a block of colby-jack cheese, a container of unsalted mixed nuts, and a package of dried berries.  The total cost for all the ingredients $9.17….yikes!  So after I put together our own Balanced Snack Packs, I sat down to crunch the numbers…was it worth it?

  Nuts Cheese Fruit Total Sargento
Calories 170 200 33 403 190
Fat 15 16 0 31 13
Sodium 0 340 0 340 180
Protein 6 14 1 21 7

Wait a minute!!  Something can’t be right!  How in the world are my nutritional facts almost DOUBLE what we would be getting from the Sargento Packs?!  So I went back and checked the serving sizes.  Found it!  The Sargento serving size is 43 grams and I had created 80 gram packs!  So my servings were actually 2 per pack!  When I look at the nutritional facts that way (per serving), it looks more like this:

  Homemade Sargento
Calories 201.5 190
Fat 15.5 13
Sodium 170 180
Protein 10.5 7

Well that’s more like it!  I see that as almost identical!  So now that I am satisfied with the nutritional content, lets go back to the price….


Sargento works out to $1.23 per serving…or if you get a $0.75 coupon, you are looking at $0.98 per serving.  Not bad…but let’s see how it looks on our end.  Was it worth the 15 minutes it took me to put the packs together?

I would say so!!  My personal balanced snack packs work out to $0.92 per serving (if you look at the double serving).  BUT, if you take serving size into account, it is only $0.46 per serving!!  WOWZA!  That was totally worth it to put together a healthy, balanced snack that the Hubs will actually eat!!  Try it out my friends!!


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